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Job Seeker Accelerator

The learning and resources you need to land that new job.

Are you looking to gain an advantage in your job search and land not only a great job but also the one that was really meant for you?  The Job Seeker Accelerator gives you the online learning tools you need to find the best job in the most accelerated way possible. The accelerator roadmap takes you through a path where you learn more about what job is best for you, provides you the tips & tricks to land the job, and prepares you to be successful once you obtain the job. This academy is offered to individual job seekers or job placement centers. Job placement centers are provided additional tools to conduct workshops and training with additional activity guides, presentations, and curriculum roadmaps.  Click here to see all of the roadmaps and courses in the Job Seeker Accelerator. 

Youth Workers

First Time Job Seeker

Are you looking for a clear path to landing that first job? This roadmap accelerates your knowledge and skills to improve your job search and success to starting your career. Quick 5 minute courses waste no time in getting you prepared, noticed and hired.

Disability Workers

Individuals with Disabilities

Working with individuals with disabilities in finding the right jobs is challenging. This roadmap provide them the understanding and skills they need to successfully navigate the job search and become valuable employees.

Reduction in Force

Displaced Worker

Losing a job is tough. Finding a new job is even more stressful. This roadmap takes you on a path of self rediscovery and confidence in finding and landing your next job. You have the experience and skills. Learn how you can apply them while you reinvent your interviewing and job search skills.

justice system job help

Justice System Roadmap

Working with individuals within the justice system can be a challenge. Not only do you need to build their skills and confidence, but you also need to ensure their future employer that they are the right person for the job. This roadmap gives you the tools that provides the right training for reinserting them into the workforce long-term.

Veteran Jobs

Jobs for Veterans

Leaving the military is an honor and brings with it many skills. This roadmap leverages these skills to build your next career with the pride and confidence. Get the resources and insight to find the right job quickly.