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DIR Contract Number DIR-TSO-3876 - Dynamic Works

Dynamic Workforce Solutions – Texas LLC was awarded a contract for Training Services (DIR-TSO-3876)

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Dynamic Workforce Solutions aba Dynamic Works Institute, Vendor ID DIR-TSO-3876, offers technology-based training (both standard and customized) services to DIR-eligible customers.  These customers include Texas state agencies, county, and local government offices and public educational entities of higher education and school districts at highly discounted prices through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).

Dynamic Works delivers web-based learning solutions, providing users with 24×7, anytime/anywhere learning.  Subscriptions to online and virtual learning through Dynamic Works are gateways to professional development and customer/student enrichment.  Subscribed participants have unlimited access to online self-paced modules, knowledge assessments, online certifications, and much more.  Course libraries are continually updated so learners always have access to the most current, up-to-date content throughout their access terms.

Overreaching topics of interest: 

Custom Design
Career Seeker Training
Professional Development
Virtual Services

For more information on the Training Services, Cooperative Contracts program visit the Texas Department of Information Technology.

How to Order or Preview Products

To learn more about how to order training services via the DIR contract, to place an order, get a quote, see a demonstration, or get more information:

Gena Leisten

Purchase orders, payable to Dynamic Works Institute, may be emailed to

Reference Contract Number DIR-TSO-3876 on your purchase order.

To obtain a quote, please contact Gena Leisten at
To place an order, submit a purchase order to Gena Leisten at

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